5 Tips on Suicide Prevention

Disclaimer: If you are considering immediate suicide, skip this post, it’s not for you. Instead, please contact me directly - right here, and I’ll be able to help you. (Promise to check these and reply as often as I can.) You can also try reading these two guides for managing instant suicide urges: one and two.

Now, back to suicide prevention, here are the five tips on how to prevent suicide (both in you and your social circle):

1. Eat something.

Emotional pain feels way less all-consuming after you’ve replenished your energy.

2. Get a responsibility.

When someone depends on you in some way, it is way more difficult to just let them down. Get a pet, become a volunteer, commit to something you care about.

3. Look at kittens.

Unless you hate kittens, that is. But if you don’t: you are welcome. Or you can try Welcometomentalward’s 100 Quick Fixes When You’re Having a Bad Day.

4. Look at your lamp.

Lack of sunshine causes depression, depression causes suicide, looking at your lamp has little to do with this but it feels a tiny bit better to see some bright light from that dark place that you are in right now.

5. Know your limit good enough.

So, okay, it’s been four tips, you are probably feeling at least 1% less shitty than you did before reading this, so I pronounce this good enough and give up on trying to come up with five tips:) Well, technically, this can be a tip too, though. Look, you feel 1% better now, so how about we say this was good enough progress for today? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I bet there were more workers there that just you. So give yourself (and myself) some slack;) #babysteps #letswalkbeforewecanrun

Learning to quit while you’re not ahead, when the dull ooze of depression tells you things are not going to get any better, is one of the best financial and life skills you can master.
Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.
Should [we] spend our life running, hiding, resenting what *was*? No! [Since this way] we aren’t free of our own past because we don’t see what’s happening to us, within us, in the *present*.
If you’re out of touch with who’s really talented on your team and who you’re promoting or hiring, it’s a matter of time before your best people tender their resignation.
Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.
Don’t believe your own press. When I [succeed], people see me at my best. People complement me on my [talents]. However, if I start believing what people say, I tend toward pride. [Sometimes leaders wonder] why [their spouse] doesn’t appreciate [them] like [their audience]. (Hint: [They live] with you!)