Employee Relations: Firing

Firing is a painful subject, consider these tips to make your firing process as smooth as possible:)

The Illusion of Thought


In the first chapter of this book I explained the similarity between the sea curving rocks and environment influencing humans, suggested that absolute knowledge of a person’s background, physical state, and all environmental factors influencing them at a specific…

Here’s Chapter Two of my book. In it, I address the questions of why living organisms are called living and whether human thinking is as smart and insightful as we think it is.

Employee Relations: Feed Employees’ Willpower

Employee Relations: Yes, You Can Overdo Them

Make sure every people policy you introduce within your company actually meets the needs of your employees.

P.S. ok, so maybe one day I’ll train long enough to produce actually nice videos, but this is about the actual employee relations advice in the first place, am I right? did best I could with this, not an actor, sorry, guys, please don’t be too harsh. otherwise, it’s solid tip right there. enjoy xx

Employee Relations: Open Space [Bonus Ukrainian Independence Day Video]

Bet you did not see this one coming! ALS bucket challenge for the benefit of employee relations! Watch: